Management And Career Consulting

"Our clients are intelligent, complex people who want to engage in satisfying, challenging careers that match their talents, personalities, and goals. They want to achieve a higher degree of success."

- Al Stewart

What is a Business Mentor?

Your friends and family, periodicals, the Web and even casual acquaintances can provide you with a steady daily flow of information regarding news, industry developments, and opportunities. Consultants, employees, and good networking contacts can share their expert knowledge with you regarding particular situations and needs you may encounter.

But only a business mentor can truly share wisdom one-on-one with you based on the experiences and results that he has observed in working with thousands of professionals across a wide variety of industries.

Lets make the best decision in your life..  

Do you want to...

  • achieve new career goals?

  • make critical decisions about mid-career changes?

  • strengthen your leadership skills and become more influential with others?

  • look for retirement coaching or post career counseling?

  • start your own business or become a professional consultant?

  • look for a better job?

  • relocate your career to a new city?

  • successfully re-enter the workplace?

  • look for a new domestic or international position?

  • find a position in the U.S as an expatriate?

  • look for a career after completing your MBA?

  • hire more effectively in your business?

  • better develop your executive potential?

CEO, Manufacturing

"Your thoughtful questioning, insights, and direction helped me to uncover many on-going career possibilities."

Sr. Vice President, Medical Device Corporation

"I will not forget the feeling of comfort when I came to realize that you had been in my shoes hundreds of times with others and navigated successful outcomes. It was like have a personal shepherd to take you through a very dark journey".

Owner, Public Relations and Fundraising Firm

"Simply put, you changed my life. I transitioned from being a career retailer to becoming a professional fundraiser for some of Atlanta's most prestigious and well-run arts and cultural institutions in just a few short months. Today, I'm an independent public relations consultant with a steady stream of clients in a very competitive market. Your thoughtful, efficient, and effective coaching leveraged my skills, talents, and interests to make all the difference in the world."

Senior Executive, Fortune 50

"You gave me the confidence I needed, the best methods to market myself and the tools to negotiate a better offer. You have been a great support in this period of transition back to the United States. I tell my friends that you are a coach, a mentor, and the human resources professional we dreamed of."

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